I could never do the unimaginable...The unimaginable are for those with little imagination

  • That moment when

    You wanna laugh so fucking hard but you’re not sure if it’s funny, insulting, ridiculous, or just plain frustrating.

    At this point it’s a little bit of both because I can’t even believe I had to be in such a situation in my life… I’m laughing and I’m laughing so hard I don’t even know— I want to vomit all at the same time I can’t

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    Maria Borges in In The Clear for CR Fashion Book #3

    Shot by Ethan James Green

    Styled by Shiona Turini

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  • What Memorable People do Differently


    1. They don’t just talk – they act

    2. They force themselves to experiment with lots of different experiences

    3. They do spontaneous, crazy, fun things

    4. They care about others – and act to make a difference in their lives

    5. They’re a person, not a resume

    6. They try, make mistakes, then get up and try again.

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  • Things happen for a reason

    And I’m glad it did cause I was not ready and the universe knew that.

  • First day of my HIIT workout

    I feel good about this

  • Like

    I can’t even find a locker

  • Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain?

    Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

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  • I’m pretty sure that soon I’m going to be known as

    That yogurt chick that always brings yogurt to class….

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    Going to a wedding 🌿

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    ph. Monet Lucki 

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