"I can’t even take this shit. ..
You’re really something else. You keep talking all this shit about you don’t deserve me and blah blah….If you don’t deserve someone then you fucking make up for it by being the best you can be, and instead you were the worst version of yourself that I’ve ever encountered."

Me at 1:17 am 03.26.14

Trying to be sexy in a nasty ass washroom…

Trying to be sexy in a nasty ass washroom…


  • My little sis: okay do you know how lucky you are that you're over 18? You know how many music festivals you can go to that I want to go to right now like I just saw the line up for this one in Quebec and almost started crying because 4 of my favorite bands and I mean FAVORITEEEEEEEE BANDDDSS are all playing this year and I cant freaking see them because no one will drive to quebec with me and camp on grounds or pay the ticket price like oh my gosssssshh
  • Me: .......
  • Me: Yeah. .. well... Uhm. .. Lol... Obviously no one's gonna drive to Quebec and do all that
  • Me: ⚡NEWSFLASH ⚡
  • Black Parents

"Oh my gosh Winter, just fuck off!!"

Me waking up in the morning and looking outside

"Who are all these ratchets that FB is suggesting I know???"

Me just now

Thus guy on the bus…

Has a doritos bag strapped to his leg…

It’s been opened…
But not finished. ..

Why can’t he put it in his bag though?

My life right now…

My life right now…

Basically. ..Reading week is over thus

This next week coming up is. ..



When people with NO JOB text me and say…


I’m just like….

If you lied to get it, you don’t deserve it.

You are insecure.

You are scared.

You are lost.

You are undeserving.

You are evil.

You are jealous.

You are a liar.

You are conniving.

You are a pretender.

& you think you can get away with all the wrong you’ve done and will continue to do…

But you’re so small.

No matter how much you get away with. 

No matter how much you deceive. 

You will always be small and undeserving of real authentic happiness in life.

If you lied to get it.

You don’t deserve it.

Racist jokes from ..fellow black folks at work.

So day goes by I get off my break it’s 6pm.
We don’t really have anyone scheduled until 7.
Managers are…no where.

At all.

So slowly a build up of employees start to congregate. 

Place is basically empty and no one’s coming.
So I finish mopping and as I’m finishing some guy at work starts to make a comment on my mopping techniques. ..

Nothing fancy …just mopping.

He said “you’re not thinking straight cause of your hair”

He also said:
” this is a perfect picture for slavery ” and starts making all these comments about whipping and how I’m mopping up like a Slave and he said it’s perfect cause of my fro…

Now I know what your next question is…

"Ugh, was he white! ?"


Black dude.
Notorious for hitting on white girls.
And jamaican. As in he’s Jamaican.

Let me tell you how I was soooo pissed but had to relax cause I’m at work and didn’t want to tell him about his Uncle Tom, nasty d*ck having self.  B*tch a** punk a** heaux a** son of a b*tch. 

*big sigh*

So no one else was laughing and we were in a group of black employees and he was the only one laughing and it was looking hell a pathetic so he slowly escorted himself away from us.

One guy…Though not directly saying anything he defended my hair a bit but saw that the other guy was pretty ignorant. 

Me and that guy will not be getting along by the way…

I thought I was going to turn him inside out with the amount of cussing I had behind my tongue. Lord. Gee. Zussss. 

I can’t even believe people think that shit is funny.
Or think that it is appropriate to say.

What a little sh*t. 

The thirst. ..

I woke up so thirsty.

21 and looking 16 like.. 😪

21 and looking 16 like.. 😪

"That’s wack. Everything is better when it’s free."


Early V - Day

  • E: Awww I got an early v day card from my little kitty Kayla!
  • Me: wait...your cat can write? In comprehensible English?
  • E: ....
  • Me: ....?
  • E: what is wrong with you man.
  • Me: me not having a literate cat is what wrong.
  • ..clearly.