I could never do the unimaginable...The unimaginable are for those with little imagination

  • When I say ” let’s go out and eat”

    I mean food.
    I also mean I’m hungry.

    Not peckish.
    Not in the mood for a bite.

    I’m HUNGRY …

    So…. This whole 3.5hr wait is BS

  • The key to not wasting your time with romance or whatever…

    1) always seek answers and don’t jump to conclusions
    2) give 3mo probationary periods in the beginning then at the three month mark make sure you know where each other’s head is at - why are you still here, basically..
    3) continue to be happy and don’t think the worst - and even if the worst happens remember that you’re beautiful and awesome and only ugly and not awesome people do ugly and not awesome things. Remember this.. Cause it’s true.
    4) keep up to date every three months just in case feelings fade or grow just to make sure that time isn’t being wasted trying to make things work.. Cause no one has time for that..
    5) keep up that 3mo thing til the one year mark then you can stretch it out to your preference.
    6) stay happy and positive throughout this journey and love yourself enough to know why your time is important.

    You’re very very welcome…

  • Tomorrows To Do List

    Library to finish assignment
    Library to study
    Library to study
    Cover event for internship.
    Go home and try to study.

  • Lesson of the day

    I cannot have a life til I retire.

  • Wednesday is my ME DAY.
    Gym day.
    Laundry Day.
    Trying new cooking day.
    Hair washing day. …
    You get it.

    My chicken is curried but really dark cause I like it like that.

  • Got my life with Nas in concert today.
    Even though it was only an hour

  • Me (on my relationship)
  • "We thank each other for our time and our bodies and the happiness & comfort we give each other. We do this because we aren’t entitled to it and it’s something we should cherish and earn the more we trust and grow as a unit."
  • I’m sleep though …

    Cause a girl woke up too early and didn’t eat enough iron rich foods for a day like this…

  • To Do List:

    • get hair did
    • get eyebrows turnt
    • maybe get a manicure if I’m feeling up to it
    • eat a Quinoa bowl
    • have a lot of caffeine
    • Go to work