I could never do the unimaginable...The unimaginable are for those with little imagination

  • I’m pretty sure that soon I’m going to be known as

    That yogurt chick that always brings yogurt to class….

  • Wednesday is my ME DAY.
    Gym day.
    Laundry Day.
    Trying new cooking day.
    Hair washing day. …
    You get it.

    My chicken is curried but really dark cause I like it like that.

  • Got my life with Nas in concert today.
    Even though it was only an hour

  • "We thank each other for our time and our bodies and the happiness & comfort we give each other. We do this because we aren’t entitled to it and it’s something we should cherish and earn the more we trust and grow as a unit."
    Me (on my relationship)
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  • I’m sleep though …

    Cause a girl woke up too early and didn’t eat enough iron rich foods for a day like this…

  • To Do List:

    • get hair did
    • get eyebrows turnt
    • maybe get a manicure if I’m feeling up to it
    • eat a Quinoa bowl
    • have a lot of caffeine
    • Go to work

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  • That awkward moment when…

    You made double date plans for the weekend and the couple breaks up three days before the event..

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  • Finally done all these projects for work..


  • Finally got a paid internship! Doing what I’m good at!!

    When you reach for things outside of your comfort zone you win a lot more folks.

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  • My sisters reaction to SORTEDfood

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  • I want to go back and get some of this sangria and Gili pasta though. That’s what I woke up thinking about.

  • "I can’t even take this shit. ..
    You’re really something else. You keep talking all this shit about you don’t deserve me and blah blah….If you don’t deserve someone then you fucking make up for it by being the best you can be, and instead you were the worst version of yourself that I’ve ever encountered."
    Me at 1:17 am 03.26.14
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    • My little sis: okay do you know how lucky you are that you're over 18? You know how many music festivals you can go to that I want to go to right now like I just saw the line up for this one in Quebec and almost started crying because 4 of my favorite bands and I mean FAVORITEEEEEEEE BANDDDSS are all playing this year and I cant freaking see them because no one will drive to quebec with me and camp on grounds or pay the ticket price like oh my gosssssshh
    • Me: .......
    • Me: Yeah. .. well... Uhm. .. Lol... Obviously no one's gonna drive to Quebec and do all that
    • Me: ⚡NEWSFLASH ⚡
    • Black Parents
  • "Oh my gosh Winter, just fuck off!!"
    Me waking up in the morning and looking outside
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